Mathys Haddouche

The picture I am presenting to you was taken in the “Schuman” metro station. It is part of a personal project I have around the Brussels metro stations. It is in the European quarter, and more precisely next to the European Parliament. It goes without saying, therefore, that it is one of the busiest in Brussels. 

Next, I would like to explain the context in which this photo was taken so that you can better understand my approach. With the technological advance and the importance that social networks have on our lives, we can observe a phenomenon of dehumanization of our society. Things are moving faster and faster and we simply no longer take the time to be aware of the environment around us. All this to the detriment of the person who might be in front of us or next to us. Even if cities, and especially Brussels, have decided to de rationalize these places (by promoting art), they are still concrete blocks with a multitude of advertising displays. I therefore choose to photograph in these densely populated places = because, in my opinion, they are a good representation of our current way of life.

To be transparent and honest with you, I wasn’t looking at all for this final rendering for my image. Initially, I simply wanted to frame a person perfectly in the middle of a moving underground = window. The movement was intended to represent the speed at which we live and the isolated person the distance we put between us and the dehumanized relationship we indirectly experience daily. I didn’t get any satisfactory results after an hour of trying to recreate what I had in mind. I couldn’t get that person perfectly centered in the window and I left from there with a loss of patience. It was on my way home that I realized that I had taken this picture. I think the saying “you have to make your own luck” speaks for itself. That’s why this photo holds a place in my heart. It shows better what I originally wanted to reproduce.

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