Scott McIntyre

When the sun drops in Costa Rica, people flood from the cities and towns to sit on the beach and watch the most amazing sunsets. Tourists and locals alike, stop everything they are doing and just come together to bask in the beauty of that beautiful setting that mother nature produces.

A photographer’s dreamland, with crystal clear and clean water, a vibrant sky, and the most incredible group of people all gathered there for one reason. Children run in the sand and do what children have done for millennia, play. While adults sit back and soak in the surroundings, remembering what it was once like to be just like our children without a single care or worry in our hearts. 

It’s extremely gratifying to look back over images like this one of my son and think back to less stressful times and hope that someday soon we can all get back to doing what we love most without having to make great sacrifices. To be more present and enjoying life the way it should be enjoyed. 

To one day open our hearts to our inner child, to run and play and be present. To act like no one is watching and focus on the now.

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