Valerie Vaillant

Since the pandemic, it has become very complicated to shoot street photos. Everyone wears a mask, which drastically reduces the possibilities. In my opinion, there is no point in photographing people with a mask. Everyone looks the same, we no longer see the shape of the face or the expressions. Most of all, masks are a sad reminder of our current life and I don’t want this on my photos. Shooting people without seeing a mask is an additional challenge and even more difficult. The one and only solution is to take a picture from the back. The goal is to photograph a semblance of normal life in an abnormal context. The sunset was reflecting shadows. A couple passed at the same time as I noticed these shadows. I just had time to photograph them. A scene of Parisian life along the banks of the Seine. Was it in 2020 or before? No one knows. But I will always remember it was taken during this Covid-19 pandemic. This photo is a way of escaping reality for just a little moment.

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